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Top 8 Sustainable Fashion Boss Babes to Follow On Insta

Top 8 Sustainable Fashion Boss Babes to Follow On Insta

Karla Salcedo

Fashion is something we are brought up with since little kids. We burn through our outfits at great speed and with every change and every season comes new outfits and styles. These latest trends are easy for us to keep up with because of the fast fashion industry. While we all love stores like H&M and Forever 21, we have to be aware that they are selling mass-produced fashion pieces that have a serious impact on our environment.

To alleviate this impact, aim to shop sustainably. Here are some environmentally-aware boss babes you can gain inspiration from.

Alex Shadrow

Former CEO of Relovv and passionate sustainable fashion advocate, Alex is your go-to for all things sustainable.

Jennifer Nini – Eco Princess Warrior

Your go-to for all the details on eco-friendly news/practices.

Jess With Less

Making minimalism look cool again, Jess is the queen of thrifting and finding the cutest sustainable pieces.

Geraldine Carton – Sustainable Fashion Dublin

Get your daily dose of laughs in while learning about sustainability in fashion.

Stella McCartney

If you recognize the name this is because Stella McCartney’s brand is paving the way in sustainability. Not only are her pieces adorable, but they are also made of the finer things in life (eco-friendly materials, that is.)

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is also on the “save the planet” train. Her brand uses sustainable materials, along with ethical practices in the manufacturing process.

Steph Gabriel

This boss babe took saving the ocean into her own hands. Her swimwear line is made from recycled materials!

Conscious N Chic

Kathleen Elie is making sustainable cool again one outfit at a time! Literally obsessed with all of her outfits.

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