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3 Ways to Style a Skort #OOTD

3 Ways to Style a Skort #OOTD

Eileen Nguyen

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Skorts; a skirt and shorts combined into one. During my childhood, they were considered a clothing item that wasn’t stylish or cute, but now skorts are considered a fashionable item that is perhaps a necessity in any girl’s closet. Skirts are cute and all, but sometimes wearing an extra pair of shorts underneath just doesn’t cut it. Having already built-in shorts makes it easier and comfortable to wear. During quarantine, I bought a pair myself of skorts and I’m going to show you how I styled it. 

Look 1: Parisian Picnic Vibes

Parisian picnic vibes | Eileen Nguyen

For the first look, I paired the skort with a sheer white blouse for a classy, yet casual, ensemble. The detailing of the top doesn’t necessarily clash with the skort since it has very small patterns. The sheer material is what makes the look a lot more classic and elegant, especially since the sleeves aren’t tight either. It’s lightweight so it’s perfect to wear even during those warm spring days. I would pair this outfit with some heeled sandals or even Converse.

Look 2: Comfy Casual

Comfy casual | Eileen Nguyen

For those days when you just want to be more relaxed and comfortable, throwing on a comfy oversized sweater can never go wrong. I styled the skort with this grey crewneck from Eggie. It is the perfect oversized fit that is just enough to do a side tuck and call it a day. On a chilly summer night, this outfit is the perfect outfit to stroll in. For shoes, I would pair this with some comfy sneakers since it’s very casual.  

Look 3: Lavender Dream

Lavender dream | Eileen Nguyen

Adding a pop of color can’t hurt right? I threw on this lavender ribbed top that has lettuce hemmed detailing on the neckline and cuffs. The lettuce hem adds flirtiness to the outfit. Because the top is more fitting, this outfit will definitely help elongate the body. The skort has a sort of asymmetric front so this will also help create an illusion of an elongated body. I would pair this look with some short heeled mules or sandals. 

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