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Trendy Face Masks

Trendy Face Masks

Stacy LaMontagne

It’s been so hard for a lot of us the last few months. Life has changed and so has our way of living. A lot of people aren’t use to online shopping, scouring the stores for household essentials and wearing masks. But here is the thing, since we have to wear them why not make a statement? Bling it out. Put your dog’s face on it. Let’s just make it fun in a world of crazy. You can find masks made by people almost anywhere today. Check out some of the places below that have trendy, affordable masks!

Bling Masks

Bling mask | TexasStarStore on Etsy

Bling masks make you looks stylish and match with any outfit.  When you wear these, you will not only make a statement, but you’ll be shining like a star. This site on Etsy is fab. Check out TexasStarStore and get your bling on. The masks are inexpensive and you will be supporting a small business.

Funny Masks

Cat face mask | Zazzle

Do you want to make people laugh with funny faces? Then go to Zazzle. This is your chance to have a cat face, dog face, angry shark or mustache. These masks are under $13 USD and will make your day. I mean who doesn’t want to be a cat?

Custom Masks

If you want a cute patterned mask or even something custom made, then head over to Facebook and check out Cheryl Falco. She started making masks for her daughter and coworkers who worked with disabled men. I personally have about 10 masks made by her and they are all so cute that I just have a hard time picking one. I even had a custom mask made to promote my children’s book.

If you don’t want to order a mask, head to your nearest craft store to pick up the materials to create your own! Remember, these masks are not N95 and you should wash them every few days. I would suggest staying away from glitter because it will most likely come off in the washing process.

Have fun with your mask selection!

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